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      A crane inspection is vital to safe operations.  Due to the nature of each type of crane and operating characteristics, a crane inspection can reveal the root cause in the event of accidents or trends in component failure.  OSHA requires documented inspections referred to as Operator Shift Checklist and Monthly Inspections with time specific intervals related to environment and usage. Manufacturers can be stricter and more specific than OSHA, usually due to design criteria. 

     A crane inspection professional should have the experience and mobile crane training to identify defects or conditions leading to failure.

    Third party inspectors are often used and can eliminate the conflict of inadequate repairs, or the pressure by the employer to circumvent regulation or industry practices,  and can solve the  "pencil whipping" OSHA required documentation regardless of the defect.  Employers should choose a reliable and qualified crane inspector in either case, who will take appropriate action to correct deviancies.  Sylvan Enterprises provides guidance throughout the year, not just at inspection time. Our inspector mobile crane training course is comprehensive and forms are provided. 

     Sylvan Enterprises inspections provide confidence and reliability for our customer's cranes.  Our experience is based on years of crane repairs, inspections, and supervision of a variety of crane types and systems.

     Accident investigation and trend analysis is offered to provide the customer options in evaluating operator behavior or machine deficiencies which, when identified, can be modified or training provided specific to the job.

    Sylvan Enterprises also provides load testing as needed to evaluate repairs or calibrate load cells.

            The above pictures are samples that were found during our crane inspections.

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Crane Inspection -- Why It's So Important

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